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HVAC Newport Beach

Newport Beach Heating System Options

With so many choices available when choosing a new heating system for your Newport Beach home, you can depend on the heating specialists at Cole Heating to help you. We can discuss your heating requirements and show you the latest types, brands and models of heating systems that best suit your needs and that have the features you desire.

TYPES OF HEATING SYSTEMS: When looking for a new heating system for your Newport Beach home there is a great choice now available to meet all our individual needs and demands. Cole Heating is experienced and trained in all forms of heating systems, including furnaces, heat pumps, mini-split ductless systems, and hybrid systems. You can read more about each type of system below.


Whether considering a furnace as a new source of heat for your Newport Beach home or looking to upgrade your existing furnace, Cole Heating can assist you. Older furnaces were only capable of reaching a maximum energy efficiency level of 65% AFUE, whereas their modern equivalents are now able to reach an impressive 98% AFUE, enabling you to increase the energy efficiency of your Newport Beach home, reducing your energy consumption and lowering your family's carbon footprint. Best of all, with reduced energy consumption, you'll be saving money on your lower utility bills and potentially offsetting the cost of your new energy efficient furnace. And with Cole Heating helping you, you can choose the from some of the leading furnace brands available, including Lennox, Trane, American Standard, Amana, Carrier, York, Rheem, Ruud and Bryant, so you know you'll get the right furnace to suit your needs and budget.


When living in a milder climate, such as that in Newport Beach, heat pumps can be a perfect and even more energy efficient solution to your heating needs. Unlike a furnace which uses gas to provide your heat, a heat pump relies on the heat of the sun to warm the air and harnesses that warm air to create heat for your Newport Beach home. With the heat pump being reverse cycle, when the warmer and summer months arrive, your heat pump is also capable of providing you with cool air to keep your Newport Beach home reliably cool and comfortable. The energy efficiency of the heat pump can also reach an incredible 300-400% the warmer the air is outside, and they are capable of creating more electricity than they use. In colder temperatures, however, and especially if the temperature falls below 0, another heating source would be required to ensure your Newport Beach home is sufficiently heated. At Cole Heating, we're also authorized dealers for some of the leading brands such as Trane, Lennox, Amana, American Standard, Carrier Theem, York, Bryant and Rudd, so you can be sure of the perfect heat pump to suit you.


To enjoy the energy efficiency benefits and savings of both the furnace and heat pump, consider a hybrid system which combines the benefits and features of both. During the cooler, winter months, your Newport Beach home will be heated using the furnace as its heat source, whereas in the warmer and summer months when there is plenty of warm air outside, the system will automatically switch to the heat pump, providing greater energy efficiency and enjoyable cool air for you and your Newport Beach home. And as with the furnace and heat pumps, at Cole Heating, you can be sure of the right choice of hybrid heating solution that suits your home, family and heating and cooling needs, as we're authorized dealers in the leading hybrid systems including Lennox, Trane, American Standard, Amana, Carrier, York, Rheem, Ruud and Bryant.


Another option for your Newport Beach home's heating and cooling is to consider a ductless mini-split system. The benefit of a ductless system, is there not being a need for any duct work, are low in maintenance and can be placed almost anywhere within your home to provide reliable warm and cool air when you need it in your Newport Beach home. Also, with the use of mini-split systems, you can eliminate cold spots in your house as you can have more than one system installed or have your system installed in to any room in the house that previously couldn't be reached by your existing heating system.


To ensure the new heating system you've chosen for your Newport Beach home, no matter which system you choose, is able to reach its maximum energy efficiency and operating potential, it is essential that an expert installations is performed. At Cole Heating, we are fully licensed and insured heating installation experts able to provide you with the perfect installation for your new heating system and you can read more about our heating installation benefits on this page here.


Our heating technicians are trained and experienced professionals who will assess your Newport Beach home and individual heating needs and ensure your new heating system is not only the perfect type of heating system to suit your heating demands, but will be correctly sized and positioned within your Newport Beach home to ensure you'll enjoy reliable heating in your home.

For expert advice and the right heating solution in Newport Beach, call and speak with the heating solution experts at Cole Heating today.

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